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Green Building

Green Building is a technique of constructing buildings using processes and materials which are eco-friendly and energy efficient at the same time. A green building increases the efficiency of how a building uses water, energy and materials while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment. Therefore, a green building has a limited carbon footprint apart we suggest you to install.

Spider Glazing

The advent of science and technology curtain walls and frame-less glass systems have become popular and are finding wide applications. Spider Glazing is a part of the frame-less glass system where they provide a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views. Spider Glazing Specifications The specification of spider glazing is –
• Spider glazing is a very flexible and contemporary design medium that can create designs with a vast expanse of glass, frame-less entrances, and canopies.
• All type of doors and windows can be inserted into the spider glass area.
• Tempered or heat soaked glass can be used in spider glazing systems so as to have the performance of a safety glass facade. The glass thickness that is used is usually 12mm thick or above.
• The spider glazing is designed to resist the wind pressure. It can be fixed with either 2-way spiders or 4-way SS spiders fitting options. Fin glass support could also be used to resist wind pressure.
• Silicone Sealants and gaskets are used to make the glass frames watertight.
• Allows full penetration of natural light into the interiors, certain types of glass prevent the absorption of UV light.
• Spider glazing is easy to install and maintain.

Structure Glazing

Structure glazing systems, in their simplest form, are types of curtain wall systems consisting of glass that is bonded or anchored back to a structure without the use of continuously gasketed aluminum pressure plates or caps. The glass can be comprised of monolithic, laminated, dual-glazed or even triple-glazed insulating glass units (IGUs). The back-up structure may use horizontal and/or vertical aluminum mullions or be a glass mullion, steel blade, cable or stainless steel rod. The interior and exterior may use extruded silicone/EPDM gaskets, or a wet sealed silicone depending on the system. This system creates a completely clean, flush exterior appearance while the interior members have many different options depending on design and budget. Structure Glazing of three types: :-
• A "unitized" curtain wall system is one in which the framing members are pre assembled in factory, into units which are typically 4 ft wide and one story tall. Then, the vision glass and spandrel materials are installed into the units in the factory. All glazing gaskets and joinery sealants are factory installed; however, perimeter sealants would still be field installed. These assembled and pre-glazed units are then shipped to the jobsite for field erection. Vertical and horizontal mating joints can either be dry sealed with gaskets or wet-sealed with field-applied sealants. Making joints can be a male/female configuration.
• A Semi Unitized glazing system is a type of a curtain wall which has combined aluminum mullion components of Curtain wall and Unitized Glazing. Its basic structural principle is to fabricate other curtain wall components with the exception of main keels, to assembly them into unitized panel, and then to deliver them to construction site for purpose of being fixed on main keels. Compared with regular structural member type glass curtain wall, semi unitized curtain wall has many predominant advantages in terms of bunch production, accuracy degree and quality for fabrication and installation, and repair and maintenance and after sales support..
• The vast majority of curtain walls are installed long pieces (referred to as sticks) between floors vertically and between vertical members horizontally. Framing members may be fabricated in a shop, but all installation and glazing is typically performed at the jobsite. Stick curtain wall are processed, manufacture at factory and assembled, installed and completed at site. this kind of curtain wall can be used for all outside surface types of buildings and especially suitable for sophisticate and multiple joint structure architecture.

ACP Cladding

ACP stand forALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANELS, ACP sheets are flat type panels, formed of thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. These exterior aluminum composite panel sheets are used for architectural cladding or partition, false ceiling, machine coverage. This serves as an important part of building while construction. The application of this product is broadly noticed in shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels, hospitals and metro stations. These sheets are available in various colors, patterns and shapes ACP manufactures have these sheets in metallic, solid, smooth, brush, mirror and stone textures. Sandwich panels is a structure made of three layers: Low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers.
• Excellent mechanical performance at minimal.
• Very high rig id ity.
Types of coating are used in coating aluminum composite panels is polyester or PvdF (polyvinylidene fluoride), fluoropolymer resins (FEVE), or polyester paint, depending on applications. The former is for interior application and letter for exterior applications. The typical system of fixing acp panel is cassatesystem & tray system. In India generally Tray system is followed.

HPL panels Cladding

HPL panels (decorative paper-based plastic, high pressure laminate, compact laminate) are decorative panels manufactured by simultaneous pressing of layers of cellulose fiber material impregnated with thermosetting resins and specially pre-treated craft paper subjected to both pressure and heat. Polycondensation of resins takes place and results in monolythic homogeneous material with no risk of delamination in the process of use. The decorative surface of compact laminate is additionally protected by a special coating layer ensuring panels' exquisite resistance to fading.

HPL Panels Advantages

• High impact and bending resistance, tensile strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
• Abrasion resistance – the material is almost unaffected by abrasion.
• Almost zero absorption – the material does not absorb moist (the ratio of weight of water absorbed by the material to the weight of dry material submerged into water of 65ºС for 48 hours is 1%) and thus can be used in damp rooms without limitations and be treated with water of any temperature (even steam) and pressure with the use of detergents.
• High resistance to chemically aggressive environments and organic solvents.
• Fire resistance (flammability group according to Ukrainian standards - G1).
• High density (imporosity) prevents dirt from penetrating into panels' structure (including paints and graffiti) and microorganisms propagation.
• Various formats including large ones.
• Easy processing without special equipment. Edges do not require additional processing and protection.
• Easy mounting as there is no need to manufacture cassettes, minimum waste in comparison with other cladding materials.
• Easy maintenance as the material is easy to clean from dust, dirt and various coloring matters.
• Low thermal expansion coefficient.
• Environmentally friendly (contains no harmful substances) and safe, may be used in contact with food.
• Aesthetically pleasing appearance, a wide choice of decors.
• Long service life (at least 50 years).

Aluminium Door & Windows

The “western” option of arranging working space is becoming more and more popular among clients, when the walls between offices are substituted by office partitions. It allows to use the available space more efficiently taking into consideration functional purpose and size of rooms, peculiarities of company's work, stream of information and people as well as to arrange a comfortable working place for each employee. Office partitions are ideal for planning of any quarters from creation of soundproof rooms to uniting office space. Moreover, they are an inseparable part of designer's solution for original and comfortable interior. Use of office structures provides for easy solving of the following tasks:
• Space division into separate offices or areas.
• Creation of individual working places accounting for ergonomics and effective use of office space.
• Visual space correction with the use of various design and architectural techniques.
• Natural lighting due to partitions glazing.
• Acoustic insulation improvement (fixed partitions attached to the ceiling).

Automation Glass Door

The diversified requisites of our most eminent clients, we are engaged in providing highly impeccable Automatic Glass Door. This sliding door is highly demanded in commercial and industrial places. The provided sliding door is manufactured in compliance with industrial norms using exclusive quality raw material and advanced technology under the strict vigilance of our adept professionals. Our elite clients can avail this sliding door in varied specifications at economical price range.
• Effortless closing and opening.
• Easy to install.
• Long life service.

Stone Exterior Wall Cladding

The exterior cladding of buildings is one of the most inspiring, expressive while also being possibly the most complex aspects of a building design. Stone is a natural element possessing colours and textures that blend well with any design styles. Natural stone exterior wall cladding may be used to provide protection or possibly cover up an exterior wall while also adding beauty and resiliency to it. There are multiple types of cladding materials available today but natural stone cladding with its earthy look, easy availability and eco-friendliness can give the exterior of your home an appearance that’s unique and sturdy. Moreover, they are available in a range of vibrant colours and textures and also available in different types of stone including marble, slate, limestone, quartz and granite. Exterior stone cladding is an excellent way to add d istinctive style to your house and with numerous profile options and real stone surfaces to choose from, stone wall cladding will help you further customise your property. Stone wall cladding can also help improve a building’s overall thermal performance while being durable enough to stand the tests of time. The best part about natural stone exterior wall cladding is that only a true expert would be able to tell the cladding and natural stone apart from each other.

Shower Cubicles

Exterior façade cleaning is the process of cleaning a building's exterior, including the restoration of good hygiene or removal of litter or dirt. Our main focus is to provide fast, reliable, safe, eco-friendly and first-class cleaning of exterior facade services to commercial premises. We are one of the most prominent cleaning companies engaged in providing excellent exterior Facade Cleaning Services.

MS & SS Structure

Backed by a team of skilled professionals, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of MS & SS structure. To manufacture these structures, our qualified team of professionals uses only premium quality raw material and modern techniques in accordance with predefined international quality standards. Apart from this, these are tested against various quality parameters to enhance premium quality at the users’ end. Features:
• Excellent performance.
• Durable nature.
• Easy to maintain.

Insulated Panels Roofing

Cool Top pre-fabricated roofing panels are made of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of waterproof and non-corrosive material. These pre-fabricated roofing Panel, Insulated Panels, Insulated Roofing are designed to withstand the quirks of the nature and the vagaries of time. Cool Top effectively restricts the transmission of heat by 5-6 degrees, and also absorbs and reduces the noise of rain as well. These roofing Panel, Insulated Panels, Insulated Roofing are aesthetically designed, sound-proof and weather-resistant. Being corrosion-free, these panels require low maintenance and durable in nature, making them a cost-effective roofing Panel solution.

Façade Cleaning

Façade Cleaning System; These equipments are also known as Window Cleaning Gondola and façade cleaning machines. They fulfil the requirement of facade/glass cleaning as well as maintenance of façade. They can be used for internal glass/facade cleaning also for atrium or court yard, sky lights, domes etc. They can be provided with feature for replacement /repair of facade elements. There are various categories from Simple Eye Bolts (Hooks) to sophisticated motorized system, like BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) with various automatic features, including operation by wireless remote. Various options are available from small to high rise buildings. The projection/ depression/inclination in façade can be attended to with special designs. An illustration for varieties of system is provided.

Baluster less/ Glass /SS Railings

Maximize the View When it comes to railing systems, high rise towers present some unique design challenges. Safety, of course, is always the top concern, as the wind pressure can be quite a bit stronger at these higher elevations. But equally important is the railing’s ability to compliment your design vision and maximize the view. The solution: Glazing India. Perfect for atriums and the balconies of high rise towers, Thrust Line has sleek, flat baluster posts, clear glass infill, a choice of handrails, and no visible screws to mar the railing’s elegant look. Engineered specifically to withstand high wind pressure, Thrust Line is a clean registered design for top mount situations.

Skylight /Glass Roof

Let the sunshine in - brighten your environment by installing a skylight from Glazing India. We build custom skylights of any size, with an emphasis on optimizing the energy efficiency of your home, business or commercial location. Whether the need is to brighten a central traffic area in a large shopping mall, to use energy-saving white translucent skylights to illuminate a warehouse, or to brighten your home, we are the company to call. If quality matters most to you, then look no further than Glazing India. We are family owned and operated and have the skills and experience to meet all of your demands – and exceed your expectations. Glass in any form never fails to give a home a stylish modern aesthetic. Even homes that are less than exciting as they stand can be given a real boost with the installation of a glass conservatory or skylight. Put simply, the right glazing installed by experts such as ourselves will make any property more desirable. If you want your home to be the envy of the neighbors, there are few better option. This benefit won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but that doesn’t mean it should be under-estimated! The installation of a glass roof or skylight can substantially increase the amount of natural light allowed to flood into your property. What are the actual benefits of this? Well, there are a number of them:
• Natural light has been proven to increase general happiness levels and increase feelings of well-being.
• Natural light can emphasise interior designs in a great way, accentuating colours and helping to increase the positive ambience within the room.
• Natural light can be a great money saver, especially in those dark winter months: far less need to reach for the light switch!.
If you work with an experienced team of experts, such as Glazing India, then the glass you have installed can increase the thermal performance of your home.