We introduce ourselves as consortia of qualified professionals and skilled workers which offer quality services in the field of Exterior façade work.

Glazing India represented by Mr. Subodh Sharma (Mechanical Engineer) has an experience of over 18 years in the field of Exterior Façade Work. Our organization came into the existence in 2006 and since then it has undertaken and completed more than 150 projects with different Clients, Architects and Builders.

Glazing India is one of the best leading organization providing solution for all Exterior Façade Work to clients at best competitive rates and we strive to achieve the quality desired by client. Glazing India is committed to delivering quality and value with health and safety as a top priority.

The philosophy and strength of the company is a team management. Everyone in Glazing India working towards a single goal getting the work offered and finished that work in-time with best quality. We provide a high quality of services according to customers’ convenience. Then we believe that one of our strengths is our flexible approach towards customers’ requirement and our commitment to building long lasting relationship.

We have successfully completed a number of prestigious projects. Our refreshing and dynamic approach in creating innovative façade solutions carries a reputation for transparency and integrity in all our projects.

Now Glazing India registered in five states for taxation in India. By maintaining the above we wish to state that we consider ourselves as a new but competent agency with assurance of quality and services.

"Looking forward for long lasting relationship with you."

What We Do


Green Building is a technique of constructing buildings using processes and materials which are eco-friendly and energy efficient at the same time. A green building increases the efficiency of how a building uses water, energy and materials while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment. Therefore, a green building has a limited carbon footprint apart we suggest you to install.


The advent of science and technology curtain walls and frame-less glass systems have become popular and are finding wide applications. Spider Glazing is a part of the frame-less glass system where they provide a flush external appearance with uninterrupted views. Spider glazing is a very flexible and contemporary design medium that can create designs with a vast expanse of glass, frame-less entrances, and canopies.


Structural Glazing is one of the best concepts of façade Glazing. Structural glazing basically is a system of bonding glass to a building structural framing utilizing a high strength, high performance silicone sealant specifically designed and tested for structural Glazing. Structural Glazing provides full protective design from bomb blast resistance, Earthquake, fire resistance and sound control.

Our Mission / Vision

Core Values



To provide quality workmanship and customer service and maintain the highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees and vendors. To grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services, and solutions to markets we already serve – and to expand into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests.


We are a family owned company, committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.

Core Values

* Work Ethic
* Accountability
* Dedication
* Safety
* Commitment
* Optimism
* Quality
* Trust
* Integrity
* Measured Performance
* Excellence

Our Team

Subodh Sharma

Founder & Chairman

Subodh is the founder of Glazing India. He has more than 18 years of experience leading design and Facade work in construction on more than $1 billion worth of projects. Since 2004, Subodh has focused his career on glass and facade projects, starting Glazing India to be centered on a design-build approach and to develop a team to provide the most streamlined design and engineering services in the industry. Prior to 2006, Subodh worked primarily in Corporate Tower, Metro Station, Educational Building, Sports Complex etc facility design and Facade work delivered more than 100 projects in the Delhi/NCR.